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Favorite Food Brands

the cornflakes from kelloggs are best energy booster

the cornflakes from kelloggs are best energy booster

the nutritious nestle products

the nutritious nestle products

Nestle is the world’s number one food company. This is also one of my favorite brands. I loved their honey gold cornflakes and the probone milk from nesvita. Even at my age I still appreciated Cerelac, my favorite variety is Wheat and milk, it has a wonderful taste and I often eat one bowl as a merienda treats, so instead of binging useless chips and cookies I turn to the goodness of Cerelac. The Switzerland based food company has a wide array of food products, from milk, cereals, flakes to choco drinks and coffee. But they are popular with milk brands.

Kelloggs is another favorite. Their kelloggs frosties (cornflakes) is simply great, there’s no need for you to add whipping cream or sweetener. Kelloggs brand is a fave brand of the British royal family. It was mentioned several times in Kitty Kelly book “The Royals” that the British royal family has supplies of Kelloggs in their pantry. when Princess Diana was still suffering from Bulimia (an insidious disease of eating and vomiting), she devoured several bowls of kelloggs frosties lathered with rich Guernsey creams when hunger pangs hit her.

I don’t drink softdrinks, so I turn much of the time to yogurt, so far Nestle has the best brand of yogurt and I hope Kelloggs would soon manifacture their own yogurt variety. The sweet taste of the product cure my thirst plus the goodness of milk and fruit flavor. It is an energy booster too with live microorganisms that helps digestion.



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